ABC Phoenix Trinity Investigation

ABC Phoenix Trinity Investigation

And when Luke Robinson and his family moved to New York two years ago, they careened into a guardrail.

“When I started hearing what happened to these families and realizing the same thing happened to my family, I had no words. I was blown away – shocked, horrified,” said Luke.

“Looking back,” he continued, “and seeing my children and seeing my youngest pinned in his seatbelt upside down, he wasn’t saying anything. He was just screaming.”

Photos show the guardrail punctured through the wheel well and pushed through the back seat.

Two-year-old Ethan was still in his car seat, pinned by the guardrail.

“It was the most helpless I’ve ever felt, and the most terrified I’ve ever seen my children,” said Luke.


Josh Harman is a whistleblower.

“There’s no question these heads are failing,” said Harman.

He filed a lawsuit on behalf of the American public against the manufacturer of most of the guardrails on the road today, Trinity Industries.

“I want the truth out. These things are destroying families’ lives,” said Harman.

Harman is Trinity’s competition. During a patent dispute, he noticed the guardrail terminal heads were no longer working how they should. The newer models were smaller.

“I have been in the business 25 years, and I have never seen anything like this,” he said.


“It’s senseless. The things I’ve seen are senseless. It’s like you can see it clearly in front of you, but everyone else has chosen to turn away,” said Harman.

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